First time I've spotted the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics van. If CBT does this right, goodbye Time Warner.

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  • Aug 17 2009, 12:25 PM
    OAKLEY responded:
    Had it installed 4 months ago. I picked up HDTV, Internet 10/10mbps, and phone for $139 a month with HBO. In these 4 months I have had positive and negative experiences. The internet speed is hands down untouchable. I had a free 30 day trial of the 30/30mbps speed and it was seamless. After the 30 day trial ended I went back to the 10/10mbps to see if it was worth the extra $ for the 30/30. The 10/10 is all you will need for flawless video streaming. I stream a SlingBox and the quality is outstanding. The phone service is really nothing special. Although I never thought much of it, I do miss the caller id on TV feature that Time Warner had. The TV service is also a bit weak. I was given the Cisco 8550 receiver. The unit is a hot box. It can heat my entire home during the winter months. I had to install cooling fans on the back of my entertainment system to keep the temperature down. Before: 94 degF After: 81 degF. Besides the high temps, I am not impressed with the video on demand setup. TWC was quick and simple. With CBT I have had to wait for the channel to load if the channel even comes in. I often have went to the channel and had nothing but a black screen. I have also seen this on FSN-OHIO HD. I called CBT to inquire about this and I was told that FSN will no longer televise the REDS games in HD unless the game was sold out, and the On-Demand video has a large amount of content which leads to long load times. First of all, I amazingly caught the REDS game on FSN-OHIO HD when the played Colorado in early August. Attendance: about 12,000. Hardly a sell-out. The only sellout this year was opening-day. How was it possible that I was able to view it? The On-Demand excuse was just as lame. I noticed last weekend (8-15) that my unit did a reboot in the morning and I figured it was a firmware update of some kind due to the fact that the On-Demand channel has worked every time I went to access it without the black screen. (knock on wood).
    Aside from the service, the CBT salesman was basically just an awful person. I have other choice words to describe him, but I will keep it PG. He tried to butter up the package over and over and told me that $150 a month was a great deal for the service. This is while I had a flyer I received in the mail that showed all 3 services for $99 a month. He was also extremely rude to my wife who refused to sign anything without talking to me first. Was that too much to ask? He told her "this is not that hard of a decision". When he returned I dealt with him outside in fear that my wife would impale him in some manner. I told him respectively that he sucks as a salesman and that I look forward to never having to deal with him again. (after I signed the service order)
    So its safe to say that CBT is still working out some kinks with the TV service, but all in all provides an excellent internet package. I still feel the $139 is a bit high, but it is comparable to what I was paying for TWC. The internet speed and quality is enough for me to stick with the service.
  • Nov 4 2009, 7:37 PM
    Bob responded:
    I had it at my apartment and it sucks. I set the DVR to record one program and it records something totally different. Very limited on demand. Kids hated it. My bill was about the same as Time Warner but I felt like I traded in a Porshe for a Kia. It was too good to be true. Nice try Cincy Bell but you are getting desperate now that everyone is dropping landline phone.
  • Nov 26 2009, 10:41 AM
    Jason responded:
    What was the name of your salesman?
  • Nov 30 2009, 4:25 PM
    OAKLEY responded:
    I did not save his business card and he neglected to write his name on the original sales receipt. All I know is that he is out of Dayton.